Sharp Remote Control GJ221

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Sharp Remote Control GJ221

Originally supplied with TV models: LBT422U, LBT462U, LC32LE440U, LC32SV40U, LC39LE440U, LC42SV50U, LC46SV50U, LC50LE440U, LB-T422U, LB-T462U, LC-26SV490, LC-26SV490U, LC-32D59, LC-32D59U, LC-32LE440U, LC-32LE450, LC-32LE450U, LC-32SV29, LC-32SV29U, LC-39LE440, LC-39LE440U, LC-40LE550, LC-40LE550U, LC-42D69, LC-42D69U, LC-42SV49, LC-42SV49U, LC-46SV49U, LC-46SV50, LC-46SV50U, LC-50LE440, LC-50LE440U

Compatible with TV models: LBT422U, LB-T422U, LBT462U, LB-T462U, LC26SV490, LC-26SV490, LC26SV490U, LC-26SV490U, LC32A29L, LC32D59, LC-32D59, LC32D59U, LC-32D59U, LC32LE440U, LC-32LE440U, LC32LE450, LC-32LE450, LC32LE450U, LC-32LE450U, LC32LE451, LC-32LE451, LC32LE451U, LC-32LE451U, LC32LE551, LC-32LE551, LC32LE551U, LC-32LE551U, LC32SV29, LC-32SV29, LC32SV29U, LC-32SV29U, LC39LE440, LC-39LE440, LC39LE440U, LC-39LE440U, LC39LE551, LC-39LE551, LC39LE551U, LC-39LE551U, LC40LE550, LC-40LE550, LC40LE550U, LC-40LE550U, LC42A49L, LC42D69, LC-42D69, LC42D69U, LC-42D69U, LC42SV49, LC-42SV49, LC42SV49U, LC-42SV49U, LC-43LE551U, LC46SV49U, LC-46SV49U, LC46SV50, LC-46SV50, LC46SV50U, LC-46SV50U, LC48LE551, LC-48LE551, LC48LE551U, LC-48LE551U, LC50LE440, LC-50LE440, LC50LE440U, LC-50LE440U

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