Samsung AA59-00638A Remote Control

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SKU AA59-00638A

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Samsung AA59-00638A Remote Control

This remote is used with the following models:

PS51E8000GM, PS51E8000GS, PS51E8000GU, PS51E8005GU, PS51E8007GU, PS51E8080GS, PS51E8090GS, PS60E8000GM, PS64E8000GM, PS64E8000GS, PS64E8000GU, PS64E8005GU, PS64E8007GU, PS64E8080GS, PS64E8090GS, UA46ES7500M, UA46ES7500S, UA46ES8000M, UA46ES8000S, UA55ES7500M, UA55ES7500S, UA55ES8000M, UA55ES8000S, UA60ES8000M, UA65ES8000M, UA75ES9000M, UE40ES7000S, UE40ES7000U, UE40ES7005U, UE40ES7080U, UE40ES7090S, UE40ES7500S, UE40ES7507U, UE40ES8000S, UE40ES8000U, UE40ES8005U, UE40ES8007U, UE40ES8080U, UE40ES8090S, UE46ES7000S, UE46ES7000U, UE46ES7005U, UE46ES7080U, UE46ES7090S, UE46ES7500S, UE46ES7507U, UE46ES8000S, UE46ES8000U, UE46ES8005U, UE46ES8007U, UE46ES8080U, UE46ES8090S, UE55ES7000S, UE55ES7000U, UE55ES7005U, UE55ES7080U, UE55ES7090S, UE55ES7500S, UE55ES7507U, UE55ES8000S, UE55ES8000U, UE55ES8005U, UE55ES8007U, UE55ES8080U, UE55ES8090S, UE65ES8000S, UE65ES8000U


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